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Contemporary art in the international art scene and the ‘good neighbors’

 in creative local art communities



In this Glocal (global+local) cultural era, people have constantly made our greatest efforts to find the essence and foundation of our cultural environment. It is our hope that we can find the driving force for people to be contented with the time of their lives and the hope for the future through the understanding of our local culture.


Henri-Louis Bergson, a renowned French philosopher, once said that the life is a continuation of living and it has been driving the creative evolution rather than mechanical evolution with the disposition of continuation. He argued the driving force behind it is the innate and spontaneous energy within the living.


One can witness this driving force of creative evolution in the lives of people in east-northern Gyeonggi Province. Yangpyeong, dubbed ‘County of Art Culture’, is an eco-friendly agricultural town and has the most artist population than any other region with a population of over 117,000. Everyone knows a few artists living in this town and has an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with art to stimulate their imagination and creativity in their daily life. People have become artistic beings on the foundation of local culture abundant with artistic energy and every process of making opportunities to facilitate creative culture is based on the dynamic eco-friendly environment in Yangpyeong.


Yangpyeong Art Museum has started the new year of 2018 to create a cultural convergence between local artistic culture and citizens around different regions. This intention is evident in Yangpyeong Art Museum’s yearly projects, particularly in presenting local contemporary art through this year’s first Journey through Art-1 2018 Spring project exhibition <Latin Art Comes to Yangpyeong> to create homogeneous cultural heritage.


This exhibition has three different spaces, mainly differentiated by Korean and Latin artworks. Joint exhibition will be held with the works of 25 artists from 10 different Latin American countries (total of 50 pieces) and 20 artists from 4 different cities around east-northern Gyeonggi Province (Gapyeong, Gwangju, Yangpyeong, Yeoju). Yangpyeong Art Museum, one of the public museums in Korea, will host this exhibition as this year’s first selected exhibition as an important exhibition to be the guide in this Glocal cultural era’s globalization and localization. All of the artists have prominent status who has achieved the level of prestige through their works. This exhibition has organized three different exhibition spaces; on the ground floor will introduce the culture of 10 different countries in Latin America. On the second floor in Exhibition Hall #1 will exhibit artworks by contemporary artists based in east-northern Gyeonggi Province. Latin American Art will be presented in the last exhibition space, Exhibition Hall #2, and it will be an important presentation to grasp the trend in the Latin American art scene and study their materials. In other words, this joint exhibition will be an opportunity to overview the international artworks in vastly different regions and to experience foreign culture first-hand.


[(Venezuela) Roger Sanquino_Carácter 6_Oil on canvas 105x84cm 2007]



[(Peru) Antonio Maro_paisaje_ Oil on canvas 80x90cm 2005]



[(Argentina) Ari Cho_Untitled_Mixed media on canvas 140x107cm 2012]



[(Venezuela) Eduardo Sanabria_Steve Jobs]



In addition, Art Education Academy in Yangpyoeng Art Museum’s educators will hold museum field studies with study handouts to facilitate the understanding of Latin American culture. The ‘Weekend Children Art School’ will also hold creative field studies for children with the cultural education of Latin American and 4 cities around east-northern Gyeonggi Province. For the general audience at the exhibition, Latin American culture seminar will be held in the museum.


The main objective of this exhibition for Spring project in Journey through Art-1 2018 is for the artists and the audience to meet as ‘good neighbors’ in this glocal cultural environment and to find homogenous cultural heritage between the Latin American and local (4 cities around east-northern Gyeonggi Province) artworks.


Curatorial Affairs, Yangpyeong Art Museum




Towards Successful 64th Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival


Spring project, Journey through the Art-1 2018

Latin Art comes to Yangpyeong

Exhibition Overview



In this Glocal (global+local) era, Yangpyeong Art Museum has invited contemporary artists from 10 Latin American countries and four cities around the east-northern Gyeonggi Province(Yangpyeong, Gapyeong, Yeoju, Gwangju) as a part of “Spring project, Journey through the Art-1 2018“ in hopes of providing opportunities to enjoy artworks around different regions with the people as well as raising hope for the successful 64th Gyeonggi-do Sport Festival.




- Exhibition Title: Latin Art Comes to Yangpyeong -



Introduction to culture in 10 countries in Latin America

(educational experience exhibition)


Exhibition for the artists based in Yangpyeong and nearby cities

(20 artists in Yangpyeong, Gapyeong, Yeoju, Gwangju, etc.)


The Passion of Latin American Art Exhibition

(25 artists in 10 countries with 52 artworks)

- The Republic of Colombia, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, United Mexican States, Republic of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Peru, Republic of Paraguay, Argentine Republic, Republic of Chile, the United States


Visual Media: Introduction to Latin American culture (by embassies)

- Culture within different countries in Latin America


 Period: March 1st ~ April 8th, 2018 (34 days)




Host : Yangpyeong Art Museum

Sponsors : Yangpyeong-Gun Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korean Council on Latin America & the Caribbean, Gyeonggi-do Yangpyeong Office of Education, The Korean Museum Association, Korean Fine Arts Association Yangpyeong branch, Korail Yangpyeong station




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